Monday, December 04, 2006

Journalism Ethics a Laughable Matter at Columbia

It doesn't get much more ironic than cheating on a journalism ethics exam. That's just what supposedly happened at Columbia University. In a recent article by Robin Shulman on the, both students and the school responded to the possible cheating fiasco.
"'It's going to affect us for years to come,' said Jack Gillum, 23. 'Columbia's going to have this badge of dishonor. If people did cheat, it makes me really angry,' he added, noting that he pays much of his $43,422 yearly tuition and fees by himself and does not want his degree to be devalued."

I can understand this student's frustration, but I can't help but wonder if this was all a rumor or joke blown out of proportion. It's wouldn't be a very funny one; an ironic one, but not funny. But really, I'm curious to see if the allegations of cheating will be substantiated. It's really too bad for all the students that do shell out the money, though, and to have bear the brunt of the bad publicity in their degrees.

The students were given an extra take-home question to adjust for any unfairness. The new essay topic, ironically, "involves a report of cheating by an unnamed individual, followed by rumors and uncertainty."

Some students say this has been a real learning experience for them, learning more these past few days than they did in class. I'm sure it has! If you're going to stupid enough to cheat, don't get caught!


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