Saturday, November 11, 2006

Reality TV is 'Dumb'

I can't say that I've always loved reality television. I was among the many that were obsessed with the first season of Survivor and I have to say I enjoy watching Nanny 911 as I'm a nanny myself. Now and again I'll watch Laguna Beach, but does watching this genre of television really contributing to the dumbing down of the American culture?

Our fascination with reality television, I believe, is rooted in the idea that we can escape from our own monotony and can identify with someone else. Lets root for Sally on Deal or No Deal, dream of being Brenda on The Bachelor, or dream of having an all expense paid makeover on Extreme Makeover.

I do believe, in some sense, that viewing these shows does dumb down our culture . Reality television is by no means the Discovery channel, and serves no other purpose than to entertain. I may learn how to better handle the children I nanny for on Nanny 911, but I watch the show in order to laugh at the parents that can't control their children.

I know that there are better things I could be doing with my time than watching 16-year-old girls spending ungodly amounts of money and backstabbing eachother or people competing to win immunity for the week. I justify my viewing of the program as my guilty pleasure. I may not learn anything of any value, unless you count knowing the latest fads, but sometimes we all need an escape. I'll take that escape, even if it is through Tessa on Laguna Beach or Candice on Survivor.


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