Thursday, March 29, 2007

I may have fibbed...

As I have been examining everyone else's ethical practices, I thought it was about time that I take a look at my own. As was pointed out the other night by a friend, I may not be as ethical as I'd like to think.

As a freelance journalist in Des Moines, I write quite a few articles a month, mostly critiquing area restaurants and bars. My editor gives me an assignment, tells me what I need to find out and where to go. The list of questions is usually quite long and it's hard to find the information without asking the waiter or waitress.

So, the other night while on assignment, I may have fibbed a bit about my profession and why I was asking all of the questions I was. I can't let employees of the resturant find out who I am or I will be treated differently because I'm writing a review, but it's not necessarily ethical to lie about my questions either.

I suppose that I follow Kant's rule of dismissing the consequences and focus on my intentions--to get the information I need without "blowing my cover." So, although I may not appear to be "ethical" by some standards by lying, I have good intentions and am getting the job done.


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